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We always welcome comments and feedback and will always take the views of the public in to consideration.

The below image shows you how the information we gather through various channels is fed in to different teams and committees to inform decisions. You can find out more about our committees here.


Listed below is a summary of some of the things you have told us. Click on the arrows to read how these are influencing our work.

Working with our partners at Blackpool Council and the help of specialist community engagement professionals at Shared Future CIC, we are undertaking 'resident inquiries' across Blackpool.

These inquiries involve recruiting a number of local residents from within our neighbourhoods and who are truly representative of the population that lives there. The resident group then undertake a citizen's inquiry process to investigate and analyse issues within the local area, ultimately seeking to answer the following questions: 'For people living within this neighborhood, what are the key factors which impact upon their health and wellbeing?'

You can find out more information about these inquiries on our website here.
People living across the Fylde coast can now see a GP, nurse or other healthcare professional seven days a week thanks to a new service.

For more information about this pleaseĀ click here.
As part of the Citizens Inquiry in Central West Blackpool, people told us that they often find it hard to book timely appointments for their children.

Following this feedback, members of the CCG's primary care commissioning team, who arrange and monitor GP services, attended a meeting of the residents group to gather their input and help write a section of our contract with GP practices to ensure that this recommendation was met.
During our conversations with patients and professionals, many people have told us that they often find it hard to access information about local services and when they do it can often be confusing to navigate the local health and care system.

Working with our partners across the Fylde coast, in September 2017 we launched a new, unique Directory of Services accessible to patients and the public. The FYi Directory - - pulls together information on local statutory health and social care services as well as third, voluntary and community groups or services.

For anybody without computer or internet access, a free telephone helpline was also set-up.
During 2016/17 we embarked on a long period of consultation with local people and stakeholders to develop a Fylde Coast Self-Care Strategy. This is now being implemented by the partner organisations across Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre. Key actions include roll-out of the Patient Activation Measure to better understand patient's confidence and knowledge to self-care, citizen's inquiries to connect communities and devise joint solutions to health improvement as well as a new directory to help people access services appropriately.

The full engagement report which has now been considered by the Self-Care Strategy Steering Group can be found here.
GPs have since been advised to only prescribe medicines such as paracetamol when there is a real clinical need.

We have also reduced the amount of items available via the minor ailments scheme. Some told us that they value the scheme providing access to certain treatments, such as head lice remedies for children so the scheme has been reduced to only provide those items people told us they valued.

A summary of results from a survey about the Minor Ailments Scheme can be found here. The survey results showed a number of consistent opinions to the scheme which were highlighted in the final report.

The summary of results to a survey on prescribing for clinical need can be found here. The full report on the engagement along with recommendations can be found here.
Many people told us that they and others do not always necessarily understand why they have been invited to a health check appointment by their GP, or why it is important to attend.

As a result, working with the NHS Health Checks Steering Group which is made up of representatives from Public Health at Blackpool Council and the CCG, we have developed a local awareness campaign aimed at patients who may not realise the letters they receive from GPs are an invite to attend the health check.

The aim was to increase the uptake of Health Checks which are essential checks that can tell you whether you're at higher risk of getting certain health problems, such as:
  • heart disease
  • diabetes
  • kidney disease
  • stroke

A report of the findings from our engagement on NHS Health Checks can be found here: NHS Health checks survey report
The CCG has worked with local practices and service providers to emphasise the Accessible Information Standard to all health care professionals so that patients receive information in a format that is suitable for them.
During consultation on the possible closure of the Staining Surgery, many patients told us how they valued evening appointment slots being available because these offered convenient times for parents and those who struggle to take time out of work.

When agreeing to the closure proposal, the CCG requested that the Grange Park Health Centre, who run the surgery and where patients who previously use the Staining branch would need to attend for future appointments, extend their opening hours to make appointments available up to 6.30pm as a a condition of the closure.
It's true that we tend to use places such as libraries, sports centres and GP surgeries to display a lot of our promotional materials simply because the people we are aiming to target often attend these places. They are also free for us to use - other poster sites around Blackpool often come at a cost.

However we have now contacted supermarkets around the town and many of them now have community notice boards which they will allow us to use. When it is appropriate you will see NHS posters displayed.