Patients are encouraged to have a say on how their local GP surgery services by signing up to their Patient Participation Group (PPG).

PPGs are a forum for patients to communicate with their GP practice and offer patients the opportunity to put forward their views and suggestions. They meet regularly to decide ways of making a positive contribution to the services and facilities offered by the surgery to its patients. Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group wants more patients to get involved and help improve the delivery of health services, as well as make a difference to their local community.

Patient Participation Groups are made up of volunteers interested in healthcare issues and can include members of practice staff. Virtual Patient Participation Groups also exist for individuals who are unable to attend regular meetings but keen to be involved in a patient group to have their say on healthcare services.

An example of the good work carried out by a PPG can be found here.

Become a member of a PPG

All GP practices across Blackpool have a PPG. Even if you are not able to attend many meetings your GP practice may have a Virtual PPG which you could get involved with and let your views and opinions known by email.

To join a PPG, or for more information simply ask at your GP practice.

The Patient Participation Networking Group

If you are already a member of a PPG you should already be aware of the Patient Participation Networking Group.

This is a group facilitated by NHS Blackpool CCG that brings together representatives of the PPGS to discuss plans for the year and share ideas for activity.

It means if your PPG has a piece of work it would like to look at within your practice you can get support from PPGs that may have already done something similar or from the CCG who can help provide other support and coordinate the work.

If your PPG is not represented at the networking group speak to your Practice Manager or call 01253 951349.