Your Voice WEB BANNERBlackpool Clinical Commissioning Group is committed to engaging and involving local people in decision making and the work taking place to improve the health and wellbeing of our local population. This is set out in our Patient and Public Engagement Strategy.

There are many ways you can get involved with the work of the CCG using the menu on the right of this page or the links in the sections below.

How to get involved

We always welcome your views on health services so you might like to share your experience via this website by clicking here.
We often run various surveys on specific topics to help us improve services. These are often short surveys and take only a few minutes to complete. All of our current surveys can be found here.
You can share your views in person at one of the regular 'Your Voice' drop in sessions we hold. These are your opportunity to provide feedback on the NHS services which you may have recently used or just tell us your general experiences. We hold around six of these per year in public places.

We also often hold focus groups on specific subjects if we are reviewing a policy or service. Anyone is welcome to be part of these focus groups and we will often contact interested third party groups such as charities or support services so they can come along too.

Details of these sessions can be found here.

We have also teamed up with Blackpool Council's Public Health team to hold a number of residents inquiries based on our neighbourhoods. They are run by an independent company to look in to residents' views of health and well being in Blackpool. Many residents will have received a letter at random asking them to take part in these as they have happened. If you get a letter please try to return the form and get involved.

For more information on the inquiries and the recommendations they have come up with click here.

Each of the 18 GP practices in Blackpool has its own patient group which any patient registered with that practice is welcome to join.

They are each run differently with some meeting in person and some being virtual groups. They are however all active in the work of their own GP practice and we bring representatives of each group together every few months to see if there are common themes they are working on that we can tackle together.

You can find out more about their work and how to join your group here.  

Members of the public are welcome to come and observe  to one of our Governing Body meetings, which are held in public at our offices at Blackpool Stadium.
Members of the public are invited to observe the Joint Committee of Clinical Commissioning Groups. For more information please click here.

You can also send general comments and find out about making complaints on our contact us page.

What we do with your feedback

We value every bit of feedback we get as it means we can constantly review health services to provide you with the best quality. Our ‘You said we did‘ section will tell you more about what happens to your feedback and some of the decisions we have made based upon it.

How do we make sure we involve the people affected by our decisions?

Whenever we are making a decision on something specific, such as a change in service, we have a statutory obligation, under the Health and Social Care Act 2012 to make sure that we gather the views and involve patients affected by that decision.

When we are sending out surveys or hosting events we make sure we are speaking with the right people by carrying out equality and inclusion risk assessments. These highlight to us if there are any groups of our population that would be particularly affected by our decisions. These groups could be based on religion, gender, sexuality, disability or age and we endeavour in include those groups as best we can.

To find out more about our policies and work around equality and inclusion visit our page by clicking here.

We also include in all our surveys a section to monitor certain characteristics. These sections are always optional but help us monitor responses to make sure they are representative of the general population living in Blackpool based on the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) profile. You can view and study the JSNA profile here.

Staying informed

We post all our latest news stories on our latest news page. If you would like to be sent the latest news as well as details of any new surveys then please email us with your details and we will make sure you get all the latest information and opportunities to take part in our engagement and consultations.