Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group believes patient choice is crucial and should underpin the delivery of a patient-centred health service. Choice empowers individuals to obtain the health and social care services they need. Providing the public and patients with high quality information enables them to make effective choices that are right for them and their families.

To ensure you are being given the choice you should be getting we would be grateful if patients in Blackpool would kindly complete this short survey that will take just a minute of your time.

Our patients and the public have told us that they would like to receive better information to support them to make informed choices about their healthcare. The CCG’s Patient Choice Policy sets out our current approach to patient choice and the direction that we will take to enhance patients ability to make choices regarding their healthcare options. Click here to view the Patient Choice Policy.

Please click on the image below to find out more about your choices as a patient of the NHS in England.

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The CCG is committed to engaging with public and patients and involving them in our decisions so we can work in partnership to address the health challenges facing our community.

NHS Choice Framework

This updated framework provides information about patients’ right to choice in the NHS.

It brings together information about health care, where to get more information to help make a choice, and how patients can complain if they have not been offered choice.

Click here to download the framework.

Click here to download a patient leaflet for more information.

Click here to download an information poster.

Guidance published on patients’ choice in mental health care

NHS England has published guidance for commissioners, GPs and providers to help them support patients to choose their mental health care. From 1 April 2014 patients with mental health conditions have had the same rights as physical health patients to choose where they have their first outpatient appointment. They are able to choose any clinically appropriate provider in England as long as a CCG or NHS England has a contract with them.

For more information click here.

Increasing patient choice

Any Qualified Provider (AQP) is a work programme that will enable the Government to fulfil its commitment to increase choice and personalisation in NHS funded services for patients and the public. AQP is being implemented following a national listening exercise to consider which health services would benefit from having increased choice.  Service providers can apply to be a specific AQP service based on quality not price. Patients referred to the new AQP services will be able to choose from a list of ‘qualified’ providers who meet agreed service quality requirements.

AQP aims and objectives

The strategic aims of AQP are to:

  • Increase choice and access of health service providers for patients.
  • Improve quality and outcomes of health services.
  • Drive innovation and efficiency of health services.

Patients referred to the new services made available under AQP will be able to choose from a list of ‘qualified’ providers who meet agreed service quality requirements, through a locally agreed specification.

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