In March 2015 the Fylde Coast was selected by NHS England as one of a select few ‘vanguard’ sites across the country to test new ways of organising and delivering healthcare for local people.

It means that health and care organisations on the Fylde Coast (NHS Blackpool CCG, NHS Fylde & Wyre CCG, Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, Lancashire County Council and Blackpool Council) are looking at new ways to organised local services by introducing ‘new models of care’

These ‘new models of care’ refer to the way in which healthcare services are arranged, provided and accessed regardless of whether you have multiple complaints, a single long-term condition or just the occasional bout of ill health.

More information about our new models of care can be found below or at the dedicated website:

Extensive care

Extensive Care aims to greatly improve care for people who often need it the most by providing one comprehensive service for all of their needs and reduce their risk of hospitalisation. This means all the doctors, nurses, care co-ordinators and other professionals which their needs require are in the same place, working together, to provide the necessary support to keep them well for longer and out-of-hospital.

In Blackpool extensive care services are currently based at Moor Park Health and Leisure Centre and South Shore Primary Care Centre.

To find out more about extensive care please click here.

Enhanced primary care

Enhanced primary care is a level of additional support for people who require the ongoing management of a long-term condition, such as diabetes or heart problems.

Under enhanced primary care, each ‘neighbourhood’ on the Fylde Coast will benefit from a dedicated local team of professionals who will keep in touch with patients and up-to-date on their condition. They will also advise on how to access other proactive help in their local communities such as voluntary groups and services.

To find out more about Enhanced Primary care please click here.

Episodic care

Episodic care is for those people who have a minor short-term illness or health concern which does not require ongoing treatment. It is very wide ranging and can include people who have suffered a sprain, viral infection, bad back or hay fever.

The first thing many people tend to do in this situation is to go to see their local doctor, but this is not always the most appropriate course of action either for the patient or for the local health service.