NHS Blackpool Clin­i­cal Com­mis­sion­ing Group is one of the statu­tory part­ners involved in deal­ing with anti­so­cial behav­iour in this area. We work with the police and local author­i­ties to exam­ine issues and try to resolve them. Res­i­dents who have been vic­tims of anti­so­cial behav­iour can request a review of how their case has been dealt with to decide whether any­thing else can be done to sort the prob­lem out through the Com­mu­nity Trig­ger.

What is the Community Trigger?

Under the ‘Com­mu­nity Trig­ger’, which is a key provision of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, victims of anti-social behaviour or their representatives can request a review of how their complaints have been dealt with. The purpose of the Community Trigger is to give victims of anti-social behaviour the ability to demand action, starting with a review of their case, where the locally defined threshold is met.

Who can use the Community Trigger?

The Trig­ger can be acti­vated by any vic­tim of anti-social behav­iour or another per­son act­ing on behalf of the vic­tim such as a carer or fam­ily mem­ber, MP or Coun­cil­lor. The vic­tim can be an indi­vid­ual, a busi­ness or a com­mu­nity group. This is intended to ensure that all vic­tims are able to use the Com­mu­nity Trig­ger. How­ever, the victim’s con­sent shout be sought by any per­son using the Com­mu­nity Trig­ger on some­body else’s behalf.

If any of the fol­low­ing cri­te­ria are met by the per­son expe­ri­enc­ing anti­so­cial behav­iour, they may be eli­gi­ble for a Com­mu­nity Trig­ger review:

  • You, as an indi­vid­ual, have expe­ri­enced three or more instances of anti­so­cial behav­iour within the last six months
  • Five or more indi­vid­u­als have expe­ri­enced the same or sim­i­lar inci­dents of anti­so­cial behav­iour within the last six months
  • You, as an indi­vid­ual, have expe­ri­enced one inci­dent moti­vated by hate (hate incident/hate crime) within the last six months

I’m eligible, how do I apply?

If you or the per­son you are rep­re­sent­ing meet any of the above cri­te­ria you can apply for a Com­mu­nity Trig­ger review to take place via the Black­pool Coun­cil web­site here.

What happens now?

Part­ner agen­cies includ­ing Black­pool Coun­cil, Lan­cashire Con­stab­u­lary, Black­pool Clin­i­cal Com­mis­sion­ing Group and Black­pool Coastal Hous­ing will review the com­plaint with regards to your anti­so­cial behav­iour case and any actions taken. Agen­cies will share infor­ma­tion related to the case, review what action has pre­vi­ously been taken and decide whether addi­tional actions are pos­si­ble. You will then be con­tacted by a rep­re­sen­ta­tive from one of the part­ner agen­cies to explain the outcome.

For more infor­ma­tion about the Trig­ger, please visit the Black­pool Coun­cil web­site here.