If you usually order your repeat prescriptions through a service provided by your local pharmacy you may soon be asked by your surgery to order your repeat prescription directly from the practice.

Whilst many community pharmacies are diligent in contacting patients to ascertain their requirements within seven days of ordering their next prescription, this does not always happen. In some instances failure to do so has led to patient complaints and a waste of resources, including over prescribing of medicines.

This can be dangerous for you as a patient as it might mean you are getting medication that you no longer need or that your dosage is not up to date. This can interfere with the treatment of your condition and could result in damaging your health.

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It is believed that an estimated four per cent of prescription medication is never taken. Think of all that medication that’s going to waste.

We carried out a survey of patients using these services throughout June and July and found that a minority of patients were concerned about having to contact the GP directly. That’s why we’ve left it up to the GP to decide how they wish to receive repeat prescription orders on an individual basis. Some surgeries will want you to order directly from the GP but in some circumstances the GP may suggest you continue using the service provided by your chosen pharmacy.

Please contact your GP surgery to find out which method they would prefer you to use.