We have around £280m to spend each year on health services for local people. We are committed to using this money to improve your health and to provide safe, high quality services while working to help you stay healthy.

Our accounts are detailed in the annual report and presented at the Annual General Meeting. You can read the latest report and ones from previous years here.


NHS Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) fully supports the work of our Local Counter Fraud Specialist (LCFS) and ensures that any instances of fraud are dealt with thoroughly and appropriately. It is our responsibility as a CCG to ensure we maximise the money that is spent on providing care for our patients and service users and we will not tolerate instances where those resources are abused for personal benefit.

It is appreciated that fraud across the NHS is committed by a small minority however, the CCG will ensure full commitment is given to applying the guidelines as prescribed by NHS Counter Fraud Authority in respect of Counter-Fraud and ensure necessary sanctions are applied where fraud is identified.

For more information on fraud, bibery and corruption in the NHS, including how you can help fight it, please click here.