Confidence in GPs remains high

A nationwide survey has highlighted the quality of service provided by GPs across Blackpool.

The GP Patient Survey 2017 which is undertaken by NHS England, compiled responses from more than 2,250 people across the town on their experience of services provided by their surgery.

The survey included questions on making appointments, the quality of care received from doctors and practice nurses, satisfaction with opening hours and out-of-hours NHS services amongst others.

The results, released earlier this month, show GP practices across the town continue to provide local people with a high quality service.

When asked, 87 per cent of people rated their overall experience of their Blackpool GP surgery as good or better.

The majority of patients (83 per cent) say they were able to get an appointment the last time they tried and over 90 per cent said they were able to get an appointment that was fairly or very convenient for them.

The survey found that confidence and trust in GPs remains extremely high at 95 per cent. It is similarly high for practice nurses, with 97 per cent of people saying they had confidence and trust in the nurse they saw at their practice.

Dr Amanda Doyle, a Blackpool GP and Chief Clinical Officer at NHS Blackpool CCG, said: “GPs in Blackpool are highly in demand as the population in Blackpool continues to grow, people live longer and more people have long term conditions that require additional care. It is reassuring that patients remain satisfied with the service they receive from their GP.

“In Blackpool we are working hard to address the issues that cause people to have regular hospital admissions and to visit their GP more frequently. Services such as the enhanced primary care service are seeing encouraging results in dealing with people’s needs in the community so that pressure on GPs can be lifted and they can continue to provide a high level of care to their patients.”

Notes to editors:

More information on the national survey can be found here:


Key Findings:

  • 87% described the overall experience of their GP surgery as good.
  • 76% of patients rated their overall experience of making an appointment as good.
  • 66% of patients said they don’t have to wait too long to be seen by their GP.
  • 95% said they had confidence and trust in their GP.
  • 97% said they had confidence and trust in the nurse at their GP practice.
  • 82% said they were happy with the opening hours of their GP practice.
  • 66% said their experience of out of hours NHS services was good.