The dedicated fundraising efforts of patients at a Blackpool GP practice have brought some festive cheer to its waiting room and an early Christmas present.

The Patient Participation Group (PPG) at Glenroyd Medical Centre, based at Moor Park Health and Leisure Centre, raised a total of £1000 for the practice through a variety of methods, including raffles, a weekly book stall and kind donations.

The cash has allowed the practice to purchase new chairs to place in its waiting area which are more appropriate for patients with mobility issues.

It isn’t the first time the group has raised money to the benefit of patients and the practice. This latest wave of fundraising has stretched to buy four of the specific chairs, adding to another four which had already been purchased with money raised by the group previously.

Carole Roberts, Secretary of the PPG at Glenroyd Medical Centre, added: “In our annual practice survey, some patients told us that they found it difficult to get up out of the ordinary chairs in the waiting area. These special chairs are designed with higher arm rests and the seating position is higher from the floor than normal chairs which means it is much easier to get up if you do have mobility issues. It may seem like nothing buying some chairs, but just little things like this go a long way.”

Sharon Orr, Practice Manager (far left) is presented with a cheque by members of the Patient Participation Group at Glenroyd Medical Centre, Moor Park.

Sharon Orr, Practice Manager (far left) is presented with a cheque by members of the Patient Participation Group at Glenroyd Medical Centre, Moor Park.

This kind of fundraising is just one of the many positive ways, that as a member of the PPG, anybody can get involved with and support the running of their GP practice. Most PPGs, which also include members of practice staff, meet at regular intervals to decide how to help make a positive contribution to the services and facilities offered by the practice to its patients.

The activity of each PPG varies but quite often includes the following:

  • Improving communication with other patients through newsletters, websites and other means.
  • Organising health awareness events in partnership with the practice.
  • Fundraising to improve facilities and update or purchase new equipment.
  • Provide regular feedback on services and share patients experiences.

Sharon Orr, Practice Manager: “We’re very thankful to have such a committed PPG at Glenroyd and extremely appreciative of their fundraising efforts time and time again.

“The PPG are a really important cog in the wheel of running a GP practice. They are the collective voice of our patients and help us make improvements where required. We never under estimate their hard work and dedication.”

If you would like to find out more about the PPG at your GP practice or find out how you can get involved simply ask the reception staff. Some GP practices have ‘virtual’ PPGs which run alongside a core PPG. These virtual groups are made up of members who wish to be involved but struggle to dedicate enough time for regular meetings. They are often kept informed of matters arising via email.

For further information about this press release please call the communications team at NHS Blackpool CCG on 01253 956594.