Blackpool GP Dr Amanda Doyle is the Chief Clinical Officer for NHS Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

The name of the organisation is unlikely to mean very much to patients and members of the public at the moment. The extensive reorganisation of the NHS in England has seen the formation of CCGs as part of this major restructure.

Until 1 April 2013, Primary care Trusts (PCTs), such as NHS Blackpool, were responsible for commissioning – or buying – healthcare services. This responsibility has now moved to the newly formed CCGs.

The biggest difference between a CCG and a PCT is that CCGs are clinically-led by GPs rather than managers. This means they have a better understanding of the healthcare needs of the local community and how local services can be designed and delivered to better meet the needs of patients.

Said Dr Amanda Doyle: “We are a young but ambitious organisation and we are determined that, by working hard and in partnership, we will create a healthcare service that improves health, wellbeing and lives of the people of Blackpool.”

Dr Doyle has been a GP for 18 years and is currently a partner in Bloomfield Medical Practice – based in one of the most deprived and health challenged areas in Blackpool. In addition to primary medical care, Bloomfield Practice provides a range of urgent care services across the community.

She has been involved in commissioning for more than a decade, initially as Medical Director with NHS Blackpool Primary Care Trust (PCT). It was in this position that she played a pivotal role in the development of three state-of-the-art primary care centres that revolutionised health services across Blackpool and paved the way for similar ways of delivery across the country.